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how to spell circles like



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for photoshop, thought as long as your program allow to make elipses, or other shapes and use layers, it should work too :P




1. venereal; that which inspires lust; aphrodisiac.

2. lustful; lascivious; libidinous;  intense sexual desire or appetite.

Etymology: from Latin venereus > from venus, “sexual love”, from Venus, “Goddess of Love” > vener- “desire, love”.

[Peter Punk]

by the way








concerning folkloric monsters and fantasy creatures…

i feel like a lot of tumblrites assume ‘generic’ fantasy creatures like dragons and unicorns are not culturally or historically or religiously significant. but in european christian culture, dragons had a strong religious significance as a symbol of greed and violence, and saints doing combat with them functioned as a metaphor for the internal struggle against evil. unicorns were symbolic of innocence, and the old story of maidens luring unicorns from the woods so men could capture them is an actually quite subversive narrative of how young women were used by their society.

look back far enough in any fantasy creature’s history and you’ll find a wealth of history and symbolism. this does not mean you should stop writing about them. it means your writing will improve if you study the origins of the folklore!

Dragons are generally more than a symbol of greed and violence - most medieval texts treat them as an incarnation of the devil himself, while snakes are the symbol of greed and violence!

i get the impression snakes were more associated with sneakiness and sexual predatory behavior. but yes, dragon-as-the-devil is definitely a common symbolism.

i’m not an expert, so i admit my condensed version up there is just what i’ve picked up from unguided reading. i haven’t got a degree or anything. :D

Depends on your author - they’re symbolic of most devil-related behaviours, varying between authors and types of snake.

I think dragons become more general symbols later, but I don’t actually know (I’m a classicist not a proper historian). In ~13th century stuff they seem to be incarnations of the devil fairly consistently though.

I also am no expert, but I have a deep love of medieval bestiaries and read far too many of them.

ooh ooh can we talk about fairies

and how fucking terrifying they originally were

(i don’t actually have the attention span to talk about it rn, i just want to watch other people talk about it :D)

*waves arms and shouts incoherently about mythical creatures for hours on end*

I fucking love fairies :D the problem is the fact that nobody has a fucking clue where they come from. I mean, if you look at the English euphemistic use of “little people” to describe fairies, and the stories about how they’re the little shadowy people that live in dark corners, driven there by invaders, what you have as an origin is probably the Welsh…

But then if you look back a bit, the etymology probably points to some variant on the latin fata, making them a sort of guardian spirit. That doesn’t fit with the fun stories about them though, so I’m a little suspicious of that one. The explanation I like most is that they’re Norse in origin - the standard Germanic fairy creatures have an awful lot in common with Norse elves, which are fucking terrifying. they’re tall and spindly and live in caves and will sneak out at night to steal your children and frighten your cows into not giving milk. And then of course there’s the weird fuzzy lack of distinction between dark elves and dwarves, but that’s reasonably irrelevant…

The fear of iron might be connected to the interpretation of stone arrowheads as being fairy weapons, and the fact that most of the people invading Britain had iron weapons when the locals hadn’t developed ironworking yet, but I’m not actualy sure on that. Needs more thought.

But yes. Fairies. How do you get to tinkerbell from “surround your house with iron so that the fairies don’t sneak in and steal your baby”?? I wish I knew more about the later stuff, I think Shakespeare was probably responsible for a lot of the sanitising, but I don’t actually know. 

And then of course there’s the fact that they live in burial mounds in most older British traditions… They’re a race of tiny people, sometimes even tiny hairy people with horns, that live in tombs and steal children. That shit is scary, and I wish more writers would play with it in interesting ways. Hell, tuberculosis used to be blamed on the fairies forcing young people to go out and party in the woods at night, causing them to die of exhaustion and the sniffles. They live in tombs, they steal your babies, and they spread disease. Fairies are fucking terrifying, and I love everything about them.

thank you yes that is it exactly

and ‘elfshot’ — those stone arrowheads — the legend is if you get shot with one you get sort of spiritually poisoned and will waste away, so there’s another instance of disease-spreading

fairies represent the terrifying unknown, the senseless wildness of the world outside that safe little circle of firelight. they have a cruel sense of humor. they steal and destroy and drive people mad. they can also be extremely generous, but only on their own strange terms.

i don’t get mad, exactly, when people conceptualize fairies as little sparkly things or pretty ladies in nice dresses. it’s just disappointing. there’s such a wealth of story there, i don’t understand why anyone would want to ignore it.

Track: Sweet Dreams are Made of Seven Nation Army
Artist: Eurythmics VS The White Stripes





Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (1983) Vs. Seven Nation Army (2003)


Press play and you will find yourself wearing a long black coat on a windy city street holding a firearm that won’t be invented for another 50 years, your voice will be a full octave deeprer AND YOUR HAIR WILL LOOK PERFECT.

if only Lucifer had his theme song this would be it



Drew this for the art contest on GaiaOnline. Tumblr’s probably gonna fuck up the compression, so click it to look at it better.

I spent about a week straight working on this, and I never want to do a gradient dress that’s all curled up like that EVER again. It was a pain in the ass and a half.



I’ve decided my future home will have a bed in every room, and it will be a necessity that every room has a sleepy place.

in the last one, you know about spiders, don’t you?